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This Is Pure Opportunity

This Is A Discovery Flight

For a discovery flight, whether you've chosen this for yourself, received this chance as a gift, or plan on giving this experience to someone else, there are a few things you can always expect. A discovery flight is the first look into the extensive field of aviation. This is not a flight for the purpose of transportation, there is no Point A to Point B. This is about experiencing flight in the purest form.

Let's Get To Know You

This Is What The Flight Is All About

There is a unique experience for each person that chooses to embark on a discovery flight. From all walks of life, all ages, and the entire spectrum of aspirations, there is something in a discovery flight for everyone. Perhaps you have spent a long time wondering what it would have been like to pursue aviation. It is never too late to find out! Maybe you are looking for that certain spark in your life for an adventurous new opportunity. For some, the minimum age restriction can hold back the dream of earning a pilot's license, but that doesn't mean there aren't many options. Revolution Flight School in Huntsville, Alabama offers discovery flights for all these reasons and so many more.

This Is Only The Beginning

What Will You Discover

This is the kind of excursion we put a lot of care into presenting. If this is intended simply as an adventure, then we're happy to accommodate. If this is the beginning of long-term pursuit in aviation, we are ready to provide you with the opportunities available to take it further. So, as you take off into your discovery flight, take the opportunity to experience the freedom, the view, and the potential you have before you.

Pass It On

This Is Something to Be Shared

When you come back down from the clouds, don't let that be the end. We aim to leave you with lifelong memories. You can return for more adventures or to become a licensed pilot. This is an opportunity that many never take for themselves. If this is something you enjoyed and something you know someone close to you would emjoy, pass it forward. Revolution Flight School is here to provide aerial flights and a flight school like no other in the industry. It is our goal to share this amazing world of opportunity with everyone who has ever dreamed of flying.
  • "It is possible to fly without motors, But not without knowledge and skill."
    Wilbur Wright (1867-1912)

Discover Something Fantastic

Take This Chance to Fly

With Revolution Flight School Huntsville, you can experience an endeavor that few have experienced. Understanding what it's like to fly a plane is definitely the adventure of a lifetime. Call us at 256-542-3585 to let us prove it.

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