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This license takes a total of 40 hours to earn. A private pilot license allows you to fly many different aircraft as long as you aren't flying for pay. Here are some of the benefits of earning your private pilot license:

The Private Pilot License, otherwise referred to as a PPL, is the next step up from the Pilot License. By earning this certificate, you will be allowed the same clearances achieved through a SPL, but with fewer restrictions. The maximum allowed aircraft weight, speed, and altitude are increased. The benefits of a PPL are fewer restrictions, nighttime flight allowance, and the opportunity to carry passengers. While the liberation you feel up in the air can be enjoyed alone, it is also nice to have the option to share it with others. With these freedoms, you can even volunteer in events for charity and airshows. While you do not qualify to receive monetary compensation for your piloting skills, there is boundless potential that can be found when you finally get your Private Pilot License.

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