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  • Max. Gross Takeoff Weight: 1,320 lbs (600 kg) or 1,430 lbs for seaplanes (650 kg)
  • Max. Stall Speed: 51 mph / 45 knots CAS
  • Max. Speed in Level Flight (at sea level at standard temperature):138 mph / 120 knots CAS
  • Seats: Two (max.)
  • Engines / Motors: One (max. if powered.)
  • Propeller: Fixed-pitch or ground adjustable
  • Cabin: Unpressurized
  • Fixed-pitch, semi-rigid, teetering, two-blade rotor system, if a gyroplane.
  • Landing Gear: Fixed (except for seaplanes and gliders)

The biggest difference between a Pilot License and the other levels of certification consists of what is permissible to fly. Upon earning this certification, you will be qualified to handle and operate all LSA (Light-Sport Aircraft). This category is limited to simple aircraft with a maximum weight of 1,320 lbs. When flying recreationally with a Pilot License, the need for height doesn't generally exceed 10,000 ft, hence that particular restriction. With this certification, you can command single passenger aircraft, such as gliders, balloons, and paraplanes. The opportunities for a thrilling pastime are endless.

If you're looking for less restrictions, be it by weight, classification, or number of passengers, then a private pilot license is what you're looking for. If you hope to make a profit with the skills you acquire here, you will need a commercial pilot license first. Otherwise, we recommend a Pilot License to get you up in the air to have the time of your life above Huntsville. When you call us at 256-542-3585, you will get to speak with one of our knowledgeable service experts to walk you through booking your Huntsville lessons. We can answer any questions and customize your service to fit your needs.

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