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We have a growing fleet of rental aircraft including:

  • Three Cessna 172N 160hp

  • One Cessna 172N 180hp

  • One Piper Arrow 180hp

  • One Beechcraft Travel Air  

  • One Piper Cheyenne II TurboProp (7 seats)​

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Our Aerial Survey aircraft are an all Turbine fleet of Pac750xl and Cessna Caravans. Some features include:

  • Competitive Lease Rates

  • Short and long term availability

  • Extended range fuel (up to 11 hours or more)

  • Low cost of operation (cheaper than piston Twins)

  • We provide all Maintenance and aircraft insurance 

  • Turbine Reliability (extreme minimal down time)


Revolution flight is the leading provider of Turbine aircraft in the skydiving industry. When you use our aircraft solutions we provide all

  • Pilots and Training

  • Maintenance

  • Insurance

  • FAA compliance

  • Maximum Uptime

  • Short and long term leases

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We specialise in Caravans, Supervans, Pac, King air, Twin Otters, Skyvans. 


If you need to Charter an aircraft call us today! We provide access to a number of different Jets and turboprops to suit most budgets.

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