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Getting Started

Have you been dreaming of aviation but aren't sure where to start? Has the thought of walking through the doors of a flight school not knowing anyone or what to expect stopped you in your tracks? We don't want anything to hold you back! Our hope is that this video series helps clarify the steps you need to take in order to more confidently begin flight training. 

Ep 1. How to Find Us

Revolution Flight School is located at Huntsville International Airport. We understand it can be a little challenging trying to find us. In this video we will help you navigate to the flight school and show you what you can expect when you walk in. 

Ep 2. Orientation

In this video we will dive into more details regarding the orientation process and what you should bring. We will also cover some helpful tips to save you time and money during flight training.

Ep 3. Getting in the Plane

Not sure what it's like flying out of a Class C airport? No worries! It's great experience for student pilots to fly out of a towered airport among airliners but we understand that can be intimidating. Check out this video and we will demonstrate how we depart KHSV to the designated practice areas. 

Ep 4. Key Moments in Flight

Now we're in the practice area! On lesson one you will most likely just practice turns, climbs, and descents, and your instructor will take radios until you're comfortable. However, we want to show you a typical lesson at RFS and how we navigate going from airport to airport as well as a designated practice areas.

Ep 5. Concluding Lessons

Lessons are booked in three hour increments to ensure you have enough time to pre-flight, fly, and debrief all before it's the next student's turn. Returning to Huntsville and preforming a proper securing procedure is important! Here's how it's done.

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