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Airframe   Avionics   Engine

Our Repair Station is located at Huntsville International Airport in an over 14,000 sq ft Facility

We Serve the General Aviation community regionally as well as commercial operators.


Whether its Major structural repairs or minor modifications we have you covered. Our Team can handle everything large and small when it comes to your Aircraft. 

  • Routine Inspections

  • Modifications

  • Major Repairs

  • Minor Repairs

  • STC installations


We are certified to perform all aspects of engine work. Both Piston and Turbine overhaul, replacement of internal parts, cylinder replacement, PT6A Hotsection and IRAN. Lycoming and Continental piston Engine engine repair and replacement. Accessory repair, overhaul, replacements, are all in our work scope. Trouble shooting rough running engines, What ever it is, you name it we have a qualified technician for it.


We provide: 

  • Minor repairs to older avionics

  • Major avionics Updates

  • ADSB installs and solutions

  • Panel Redesign

  • Transponder Upgrades

  • GPS Upgrades

  • Audio Panel Upgrades including Bluetooth

  • New Powder Coated Aluminum panels

  • Custom Panel Solutions

  • Pitot Static 91.411/91.413 certifications

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